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Ammonium sulphate, granular

21% nitrogen, 24% sulfur. Nitrogen-sulfur mineral fertilizer. Analogue of ammonium nitrate and urea

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Ammonium sulphate, granular

Ammonium sulfate is a highly effective nitrogen fertilizer, the use of which provides high agronomic and economic efficiency of cultivation of major crops.

Field of application: agriculture.

* As a fertilizer is used everywhere, without reference to climatic conditions.
* A large amount of nitrogen, which is part of it, helps to intensively spur the growth and development of garden and vegetable crops.
• Does not cake.
* Produced granulated ammonium sulfate corresponds to the quality of TU 2181-001-26595427-2016
* Highly soluble in water.
* Not washed out during the rains, and almost completely consumed by the roots.
* Does not apply to toxic substances, does not emit toxic fumes, which greatly simplifies its use as a fertilizer.

Advantages of ammonium sulfate application:
* Ensures crop growth and improvement of the quality of agricultural products;
• Allows you to convert insoluble phosphorus compounds into digestible phosphates;
* Contains nitrogen in ammonium form, which provides a lower % evaporation and leaching of nitrogen from the soil and its surface compared to nitrate;
* Enhances photosynthesis;
* Easily assimilated by plants;
* Reduces the risk of soil diseases.

Economic efficiency of ammonium sulfate:
* Relatively low price of the active substance;
* Content of easily digestible forms of nitrogen and sulfur;
* Slight increase in prices during the demand period (no more than 6%);
• Economic benefit due to the increase of productivity and improvement of quality of agricultural products;
* Does not require special licenses and permits for railway transportation, delivery by road and storage in warehouses;
* Savings of up to 30% on phosphate fertilizers due to increased phosphorus uptake by plants.

Guaranteed shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Storage: it is recommended to Store ammonium sulfate in warehouses that protect the product from moisture.

* MD 850 kg.

Name of indicators Standards for ND Actual indicator
AppearanceWhite, white-gray, white-pink granulesCorresponds
Mass fraction of nitrogen in terms of dry matter,%, not less21According to the quality certificate for the original product
Mass fraction of sulfur,%, not less22According to the quality certificate for the original product
Mass fraction of water,%, not more2According to the quality certificate for the original product
Mass fraction of free sulfuric acid,%, not more than0,03According to the quality certificate for the original product
Particle size distribution (mass fraction) over 6 mm, % max50
Particle size distribution (mass fraction) over 1 to 4 mm, % not less9097
Particle size distribution (mass fraction) less than 1 mm, % not more53
Dynamic strength (mass fraction of undisturbed granules), % not less than8094
Friability, %100100

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