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Barite concentrate

Barite concentrate is a fine powder of light yellow or light gray color with a high specific weight

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Barite concentrate of class “B”

Scope of application: most often barite is used as a material for weighting drilling fluids on water or hydrocarbon basis.

Barite powder weighting, modified, gravity are used to increase the density of drilling fluids when drilling oil and gas wells.

Produced brand: KB-3.

The proposed barite concentrate meets the requirements of GOST 4682 84.


High density;
Reduced abrasive properties;
Safety for people and the environment;
Chemical resistance to other components of drilling fluids;
It has a low content of water-soluble salts;
Does not contain flotation agents on its surface;
Provides drilling mud density up to 2.40 g / cm2;
Does not thicken drilling fluids;
Provides a low solids content of;
Prevents aeration of drilling fluids.
Guaranteed shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Storage: Recommended in warehouses that protect the product from moisture.


MD 1000 kg;
Bags of 50 kg.

Name of indicators Standards for ND Actual value
Mass fraction of barium sulphate, % not less9092,1
Mass fraction of water-soluble salts, % not more including water-soluble calcium0,35
Mass fraction of moisture, % max2<0,2

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