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CMF FertiM NP(S)

Mineral fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur based on mechanically activated phosphate rock and ammonium sulfate. The fertilizer is effective on both acidic and slightly acidic soils. Nitrogen in ammonium form is little susceptible to losses from the soil. Sulfur ensures the absorption of nitrogen, reduction of nitrates in products

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To date, an urgent problem for agriculture is the high cost of mineral fertilizers, which every year increases disproportionately in comparison with the cost of finished products.
For this reason, the last two decades in Russia in the soil returns no more than 10-15% of the consumed plant nutrients.
For comparison, in Western Europe, China and Japan on average 65-85 %, so the yield is 3 times lower.

In this regard, the depletion of soil fertility is rapidly occurring and is now close to a critical point.
The vast majority of farmers in this situation use only nitrogen fertilizers, usually ammonium nitrate, without making other necessary elements, further aggravating the problem.
Thus, the annual phosphorus deficit reaches 3 million tons in the form of ammophos.

Harvesting at the expense of the soil is a dead-end path, the path to a natural decrease in yield, the path to soil infertility.
The yield is limited by the element that is in short supply. So says the fundamental law of ecology – the law of minimum libih.
Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the optimal content of each battery.

To solve the problem of unavailability of fertilizers and slow down the decline in fertility, we are developing a line of fertilizers FertiM.

The effectiveness of mineral fertilizers depends on their digestibility. So nitrogen fertilizers on average are absorbed only by 30-50%.
According to the Ryazan state agrarian UNIVERSITY, long-term unilateral use of nitrogen fertilizers reduces the nitrogen absorption coefficient by more than 2 times, in the flesh to 8-20 %.
At the same time, the widespread use of ammonium nitrate – physiologically acidic fertilizer leads to acidification of the soil and further reduce the digestibility of not only nitrogen, but also phosphorus, potassium and other elements.
In addition, according to the Institute of Agrochemistry, nitrate form of nitrogen in nitrate is much more prone to losses due to leaching and denitrification.
It is proved that for most cultures the use of nitrate nitrogen in high doses is less effective compared to other forms.
Moreover, many crops, such as potatoes, better absorb nitrogen in ammonium form.

Increasing the content of mobile phosphorus in the soil significantly increases the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers.
However, water-soluble phosphate fertilizers have a high cost due to the peculiarities of their production.
It is known that phosphorus from water-soluble fertilizers is absorbed by no more than 30 %.
At the same time on acidic soils digestibility can be reduced to 15% or less.
Under these conditions, the use of only water-soluble phosphate fertilizers becomes impractical.

The most effective way to increase the content of mobile phosphorus in acidic soils is fosforitnaya.
However, this event is associated with a number of difficulties, in particular, a sufficiently high rate of application and the need for special equipment, which causes significant costs, and many farms are not affordable.

Complex mineral fertilizer FertiM NP (S) is an inexpensive, effective independent fertilizer and rational addition to the existing ones.

Institute of inorganic chemistry of Belarus proved that ammonium sulfate, interacting with phosphate rock, better than other fertilizers converts phosphorus into digestible form. As a result, the proportion of phosphorus assimilated can reach 80 % or more

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