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Complex fertilizers in 1 fertim granule

Content of elements in FertiM designed for the effective application as a standalone fertilizer or in blends with other fertilizers

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Share of chemical elements

 FertiM NP(S) 8,5 13,8        9,7 25,8 Mineral fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur based on mechanically activated phosphate rock and ammonium sulfate.The fertilizer is effective on both acidic and slightly acidic soils. Nitrogen in ammonium form is little susceptible to losses from the soil. Sulfur ensures the absorption of nitrogen, reduction of nitrates in products.
 FertiM NK(S) 6,4  427,3   Great for crops that need little nitrogen and a lot of potassium and sulfur, such as legumes and legumes. Sulfur, strengthening the action of nitrogen, provides a high content of protein, essential amino acids and vitamins in the crop.
 FertiM PK   5,8 45  10,8 Phosphorus-potassium fertilizer for crops with a high need for potassium and less phosphorus (potatoes, sugar beets, etc.).Actual fertilizer for soils that do not have a phosphorus deficiency.
 FertiM KMg   52  Optimally selected ratio of potassium and magnesium can significantly increase the yield and yield of commercial fraction of crops compared to the unilateral use of potassium.

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