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Limestone flour

Limestone flour is rich in calcium, has good alkaline properties in aqueous solutions. Safe, as it does not include harmful substances and heavy metals. In agriculture, limestone flour is most often used for soil deoxidation (liming). As fertilizer is used for all crops

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The Terminal-Lysva company, being the owner of a complex of a full cycle on ultrafine grinding, hereby offers to realization:

Product Price
Limestone flour (dolomite), grade A, group 1, GOST 14050-93 1500 RUB/t with VAT 20%
Limestone flour (dolomite), granulated 4800 RUB/t with VAT 20%

on conditions:
– ex warehouse OOO “Terminal-Dubna” in the town of Kungur;
– packing: MD, 1 ton.

Liming, with a General positive effect on the soil, reduces the availability of copper, zinc, iron and boron, which are necessary for a high quality crop.
To achieve the maximum effect of liming have the ability to include in limestone flour micronutrients (copper, zinc, iron and boron) in microdoses.
Please note that science and practice have established that all mechanical limestone particles larger than 0.75 mm in diameter are inactive, i.e. are of little use for neutralizing acidic soils.

With increased soil acidity, nutrients are poorly absorbed. Therefore, the deoxidizing effect
from the use of limestone flour has a positive effect on the crop, allowing the plant to effectively use
fertilizer application.


Limestone flour (dolomite), GOST 14050-93

Name of indicators Indicators ND Established by analysis
CaCO3+MgCO3, %, not less 8595,6
Grain composition, %  
5 mm, not more00
3 mm, not more20
1 mm, not more100,5
200 µm, not more than3,5
Mass fraction of moisture,%, max1,51,3
Indicator of ADV,%, not less7883,7

Limestone flour (dolomite), granulated is made from limestone flour (dolomite), grade a, group 1, GOST 14050-93 by dry pressing. Grain structure: 1,5-5,5 mm. Not dusty, not carried by the wind, not washed off by rainfall, does not require special equipment to make.


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