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Mineral powder​

Mineral powder GOST 32761-2014


For asphalt concrete and organomineral mixtures. Meets the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union “Road Safety”

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LLC Terminal-Lysva makes:
– mineral powder activated MP-1 according to GOST 32761-2014 (MP-1 according to GOST 52129-2003).
– mineral powder unactivated MP-2 according to GOST 32761-2014 (MP-1 according to GOST 52129-2003).

Mineral powder is a component of asphalt concrete, it gives the necessary elasticity, increasing resistance and resistance to wear, giving the ability to deformation, which improves the quality of roads, increases their service life and saves budget money.

The main purpose of mineral powder is to transfer the volume of bitumen in a thin-film state.
Together with bitumen, mineral powder forms a structured dispersion system, which serves as a binder in asphalt concrete.

Another purpose of mineral powder in road construction is filling small pores with larger particles.
Thus, the presence of the required amount of ground limestone increases the density of the mineral composition, and therefore increases the density of ABS.

Due to the large area of the adsorbing surface, the mineral powder absorbs a significant part of the petroleum bitumen, giving the asphalt concrete the required characteristics:
strength and resistance to deformation.
Asphalt concrete containing mineral powder is characterized by high density, strength, corrosion and heat resistance, low water permeability.

An important factor is the reduction of bitumen consumption.
The use of mineral powder improves the performance of the technological process of preparation and laying of asphalt concrete; reduces the temperature of the mixture produced in mixers, increases the workability of the mixture.

Mineral powder MP – 1 activated-one of the ways to improve the properties of mineral powders that are part of asphalt mixtures is their physical and chemical activation. Activated mineral powder has the following advantages: hydrophobic, has a high “bitumen”, which allows evenly distributed in bitumen. The use of this product leads to a higher density and homogeneity of asphalt concrete and prevents the penetration of moisture, reduces the water saturation of asphalt concrete, which has a positive effect on the service life of roads. Of particular importance is the possibility of using it in asphalt concrete, where clay particles are present. The main indicators of the quality of mineral powder: grain composition, moisture and hydrophobicity.

Mineral powder MP-2 unactivated-a material obtained by grinding carbonate rocks, without the addition of activating substances.

* MD 1000 kg

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